‘Queen Meat’. collage. 2015. A3

'Queen Meat'

‘Queen Meat’ collage 2015. A3

Like most collage artists getting the ‘right’ source materials is always the problem. Whist searching my house like a demented junkie (I need a visual ‘hit’ man… and I must have missed a bit of something man, I’ll just look through those mags one more time!) So out of desperation (and the need for tea) I began to scan the kitchen…

And there they were… Books.. and more books…

At first tentative, I tweaked one or two from the shelves (made my tea) …. and looked….

I reasoned (like all addicts) that just a little couldn’t do any harm, so I selected one, a meaty one and began to abuse it…

I confess I enjoyed ‘Butchering’ one of the many books on my heaving kitchen bookshelves . Apart from one or two old standbys, they are largely unread (and hence never used in action) and for the most part are old Christmas pressie cook books that have, and will not, serve any purpose.

Most of these tedious tomes have moved from house to house with me over the years and their sole raison d’etre in that time has been to simply gather grease and dust (the devils jizz, I’m sure you’ll agree)… I’m convinced that  most of us are all the same in that respect, so I bear no guilt for this act of vandalism I’m afraid.

Fuck you Floyd, Ramsey, Rhodes… and ‘Beeton revisited’ for that matter!… You are in my sights. As ‘authors’ you have pocketed the money  that year on year the unimaginative handed over for our festive disappointments (well apart from Ms Beeton), and lived rather well on it I’m sure, so now its payback time…and my scalpel is at the ready.

I would say to all collage artists…  Re-look at your kitchen library and plunder away there is  much there to be harvested. And my advice would be to ‘cock a snook’ at these flash-fried dandys, and ‘salmon foam’ serving bastards and (more importantly) do this as you enjoy your beans on toast!

Do something imaginative with the reasonably reproduced fish, foul and obscene shaped veg snaps just waiting on your artistic inclinations, before you decide to just recycle the damn things….. x

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