My name is Paul Forde Cialis. I am a fifty-five year old artist, and this is the place that I will setting down some thoughts on my life, both creative and otherwise.

I should say that I am not entirely sure why I am embarking on a blog, or indeed what form it may take. I am ill-equipped for the task, as I’m far from literate, and have spent little time reading the blogs of others (I do intend to make more effort in that respect however).

In common with many other artists I am introspective when it comes to my work, and in addition, I am almost phobic in my dislike of art-speak generally – particularly when creative types bang on about what ‘motivates them’ and what ‘informs their practice’ etc… urgghh.

A great deal of the drivel written by and about artists is of course promotional in its motivation and is generated mostly to feed, what is revoltingly described as the ‘art market’, something I have kept, for the most part, a comfortable distance from.

Of course this makes me sound as though I consider my own work to be on some lofty level that mere money could not obtain nor words could hope to describe, or alternatively that I am either indulging false modesty or adopting some ‘anti-art’ stance. Well dear reader, I want to assure you that none of those propositions is the case. I possess as healthy an ego as the next man, it’s just that massaging it is low on my list of priorities.

Although I do approach my work seriously, and I hope with some industry. I have no ideas of grandeur about the path of the artist, nor entertain the notion that creatives hold some special place in the firmament. It’s more a case that I feel that what I do is very workaday and, in my own case, entirely compulsory, so the need to ‘big it up’ in some way has always seemed both ridiculous and unnecessary. I feel good when I’m working and bad when I don’t.

That is not to say that do not appreciate it when some kindred spirit stumbles across some of my output and expresses an interest or is complimentary, of course not, it’s just that I don’t need or seek affirmation as a spur to keep me working.

This will not be a diary-blog as such, but rather a free-form splattering of thoughts and images on both my own work and other things that enter my field of vision that I feel are noteworthy. If you have made it thus far, then thanks and I hope that you will find the blog interesting or thought-provoking. If that is the case then please feel free to comment.


There is more to see… I am part of a studio group situated in West Cork, Ireland. The studios house three artists, myself and two remarkable and talented friends, Alison Cronin and Rebecca Keyser.  You can view our work, and get information on all three of us here…  Website  &  Facebook




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Paul ….
    I agree totally bout the artspeak point and while i understand what you say about how your work is key to feeling good ,I tend recently towards examining where exactly art or these ideas/projects come from?
    must come from somewhere ,internal ,external?Mish Mash reaction to combinations of life stimuli or psychosis?
    Madman ,Muse or muppet?

    Blog on


    • Hi Joe, Thanks for stopping by.
      Its a strange thing starting this blogging malarkey, in that it is making me apply a certain degree of analysis to the bits I do, and that is an interesting experience.
      It seems fine for me to speculate on completed pieces, or a series of works undertaken in the past, but I have it in my head that if I start delving into what the motives are for things that i’m actually involved in at the time I will become too conscious (self-concious?) of them, and that would ‘stem the flow’ in some way.
      Its just become a work habit at this stage, to almost distance myself from whats actually being created at the time, and then reviewing things when its all safely out of the system… and perhaps that’s for the best!!

      Must catch up for coffee soon Joe…. P


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